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Sunday 14th April 2019

Results as follows :


No of Entrants : 14 Teams


Prizes given to the top 4 places


1st - 52.9

A Britton

J Smith

R Bye

N Grummitt


2nd - 53.5

S Parker

R Parker

S Porter

M Page


3rd - 55.3

J Busveids

L Chilvers

J Chilvers

B Johnson


4th - 55.7

S Turnell

N Bright

P Moeller

C Johnson


5th - 57.9

A Bishop

S Coe

D Roberts

K Roberts


6th - 58.7

C Bennett

R Bennett

C Davies

E Grange


7th - 58.7

J Coleman

R Davis

E Rhodes

J Bryant


8th - 59.1

S Walker

A Musgrave

C Newton

B Gilderdale


9th - 59.4

S Steels

B Stanford

S Carter

A Irvine


10th - 59.6

P Yardy

I Hart

C Powell

P Shone


11th - 59.8

A Barnett

N Edge

B Barnett

B Holstead


12th - 59.8

D Lord

R Newns

J Starbuck

C Rust


13th - 61.1

D Lawes

C Gilbert

J Ronson

D Warnes


14th - 61.8

P Vinter

J George

G Pollard

E Cowles





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