Gedney Hill Golf Club

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Home to the longest Par 5 in the Fens


Please ensure you are booked in to avoid having to be asked to leave the course - NO WALK ON

2017 Golfer




OPEN-Roy Britton Memorial

Saturday 31st March 2018


SENIORS-March Medal

Wednesday 28th March 2018



Tuesday 27th March 2018


MENS-Mushroom Shield

Sunday 25th March 2018


RABBITS v Boston (Cowbridge)

Saturday 24th March 2018


MENS-March Medal

Saturday 24th March 2018


LADIES-Ladies Trials

Sunday 11th March 2018


MENS-Premier Food Supplies Shield

Sunday 11th March 2018



Winter Drawn Pairs



Saturday 10th March 2018


MENS-Chairmans Cup

Saturday 24th February 2018


MENS-Spalding Foods Trophy

Sunday 18th February 2018


MENS-3 Club Competition

Saturday 10th February 2018


SENIORS-Frostbite 3rd Leg

Wednesday 7th February 2018


LADIES-Februay Medal

Sunday 4th February 2018


MENS-February Medal

Sunday 4th February 2018


MENS-Burton & Rowe Cup

Sunday 28th January 2018


MENS-January Medal

Saturday 13th January 2018


MENS-New Year Cup

Sunday 7th January 2018


SENIORS-Frostbite 2nd Leg

Wednesday 3rd January 2018


OPEN-Xmas Fun Day

Sunday 24th December 2017


OPEN-GHGC Pairs Open

Sunday 18th December 2017


OPEN-Xmas Texas Scramble

Saturday 17th December 2017


SENIORS-Xmas Turkey Trot

Wednesday 13th December 2017


LADIES-Fenland Lady

Saturday 9th December 2017


MENS-Turners Turkeys

Saturday 9th December 2017


SENIORS-Frostbite 1st Leg

Wednesday 6th December 2017


MENS-December Medal

Saturday 25th November 2017


LADIES-Tuesday (Nov) Medal

Tuesday 21st November 2017


MENS-Graham Cooper Memorial

Sunday 19th November 2017


PAIRS-Monkwise Pairs

Sunday 18th November 2017


SENIORS-Electic Results 2017


MENS-Remembrance Day

Sunday 12th November 2017


LADIES-Gedney Goose

Sunday 12th November 2017


Demolition Day

10th November 2017


SENIORS-Alf Horton Trophy

Wednesday 8th November 2017


LADIES-November Medal

Sunday 5th November 2017


MENS-November Medal

Saturday 4th November 2017


SENIORS-November Medal

Wednesday 1st November 2017


OPEN-Texas Scramble

Sunday 29th October 2017



Wednesday 25th October 2017


LADIES-Dunelm Cup

Tuesday 24th October 2017


LADIES-Autumn Cup

Saturday 21st October 2017


MENS-October Medal

Saturday 21st October 2017


LADIES-Tuesday (Oct) Medal

Tuesday 17th October 2017


LADIES-Upton Cup Mixed Pairs

Sunday 15th October 2017


Membership Combined Competition-30/09/17

Aggregate of best 2 nett scores on 3 rounds



Singles & Plate 2017


SENIORS- Golden Oldies

Wednesday 11th October 2017


SENIORS-October Medal

Wednesday 4th October 2017


LADIES-October Medal

Sunday 1st October 2017


OPEN-Greenkeepers Open

Saturday 30th September 2017


SENIORS-Day Out at Pidley

Friday 29th September 2017


SENIORS-Seniors v Heacham Manor (friendly)

Wednesday 27th September 2017


LADIES-Centenary Bowl

Sunday 24th September 2017


MENS-September Medal

Sunday 24th September 2017



Saturday 23rd September 2017


LADIES-Tuesday (Sept) Medal

Tuesday 19th September 2017


OPEN-Rabbits Open

Saturday 16th September 2017


MENS-D Allen & Sons Shield

Saturday 16th September 2017


SENIORS-Seniors v Kirton Holme

Wednesday 13th September 2017


LADIES-Club Championship

Sunday 10th September 2017


SENIORS-September Medal

Wednesday 6th September 2017


LADIES-September Medal

Sunday 3rd September 2017


MENS-Club Championship R1 & R2

Saturday 2nd September 2017


SENIORS-Seniors v Pottergate

Wednesday 30th August 2017


August Bank Holiday Fun Day

Monday 28th August 2017


Dick Clifton Memorial Day

Sunday 27th August 2017


LADIES-Golden Oldies

Saturday 26th August 2017


SENIORS-Seniors v RAF Coningsby

Wednesday 24th August 2017


MENS-Strawberry Cup

Sunday 20th August 2017


LADIES-Shop Trophy

Saturday 19th August 2017


OPEN-Professionals Open

Saturday 19th August 2017


SENIORS-August Medal

Wednesday 16th August 2017


LADIES-Tuesday (Aug) Medal

Tuesday 15th August 2017


LADIES-Challenge Shield

Sunday 13th August 2017


SENIORS-Club Championship 2017

Wednesday 9th August 2017


LADIES-August Medal & Edna May

Sunday 6th August 2017


MENS-August Medal

Sunday 6th August 2017


SENIORS-Seniors v Heacham Manor (friendly)

Thursday 3rd August 2017


LADIES-Rover Cup

Sunday 30th July 2017


MENS-Rover Cup

Sunday 30th July 2017


OPEN-GHGC Pairs Open

Saturday 29th July 2017



Sunday 23rd July 2017


MENS-July Medal

Saturday 22nd July 2017


SENIORS-Seniors v Sudbrook Moor

Wednesday 19th July 2017


LADIES-Tuesday (Jul) Medal

Tuesday 18th July 2017


PAIRS-Monkwise Mixed (Drawn Greensomes)

Sunday 16th July 2017


SENIORS-July Medal

Wednesday 12th July 2017



Saturday 8th July 2017


OPEN-Senior Pairs

Friday 7th July 2017


SENIORS-Seniors v RAF Coningsby

Wednesday 5th July 2017


LADIES-July Medal & Edna May

Sunday 2nd July 2017


MENS-June Medal

Saturday 24th June 2017


LADIES-Tuesday (Jun) Medal

Tuesday 20th June 2017


LADIES-Rigby Taylor

Sunday 18th June 2017


MENS-Diamond Cup

Sunday 18th June 2017



Saturday 10th June 2017


SENIORS-Seniors v Sudbrook Moor

Thursday 8th June 2017


LADIES-June Medal & Edna May

Sunday 4th June 2017


SENIORS-June Medal

Wednesday 31st May 2017


Daniel Markillie Memorial Day

Sunday 28th May 2017


SENIORS-John Parsons Shield

Wednesday 24th May 2017


LADIES-Mark Pool Rose Bowl

Sunday 21st May 2017


MENS-May Medal

Sunday 21st May 2017


MENS-Clark Steele Trophy

Saturday 20th May 2017


LADIES-Tuesday (May) Medal

Tuesday 16th May 2017


LADIES-Jacobsen Mixed Pairs

Sunday 14th May 2017


Lombard Trophy Qualifier

Saturday 13th May 2017



Wednesday 10th May 2017


LADIES-May Medal & Edna May

Sunday 7th May 2017


MENS-Howard Pairs

Sunday 7th May 2017



Monday 1st May 2017


OPEN-Sands Greensome Mixed Pairs

Sunday 30th April 2017


SENIORS-3 Club Championship

Wednesday 26th April 2017


LADIES-Tuesday (Apr) Medal

Tuesday 18th April 2017


PAIRS-Mick Austin Pairs (Drawn)

Monday 17th April 2017


MENS-April Medal

Saturday 15th April 2017


SENIORS-April Medal

Wednesday 12th April 2017


MENS-Dave Creek Shield

Saturday 8th April 2017


SENIORS-Seniors v Kirton Holme

Wednesday 5th April 2017


LADIES-April Medal & Edna May

Sunday 2nd April 2017


MENS-Mushroom Shield

Sunday 26th March 2017



Saturday 25th March 2017


LADIES-Tuesday (Mar) Medal

Tuesday 21st March 2017


LADIES-Ruby Pell

Sunday 19th March 2017


OPEN-Roy Britton Championship

Saturday 18th March 2017


SENIORS-March Medal

Wednesday 15th March 2017


LADIES-Ladies Trials

Sunday 12th March 2017


MENS-Premier Supplies Shield

Sunday 12th March 2017



Saturday 11th March 2017


MENS-March Medal

Saturday 4th March 2017


MENS-Chairmans Cup

Saturday 25th February 2017


LADIES-Tuesday (Feb) Medal

Tuesday 21st February 2017


MENS-Spalding Foods

Sunday 19th February 2017


MENS-3 Club Competition

Saturday 11th February 2017


LADIES-February Medal

Sunday 5th February 2017


MENS-February Medal

Saturday 4th February 2017


SENIORS-Frostbite 3rd Leg

Wednesday 1st February 2017


MENS-Burton & Rowe Cup

Saturday 21st January 2017


MENS-January Medal

Saturday 7th January 2017


SENIORS-Frostbite 2nd Leg

Wednesday 4th January 2017


MENS-New Year Cup

Monday 2nd January 2017




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Competition Results 2017/2018

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